Passionate about creating memories

About Me

Photography has been a hobby of mine as long as I can remember. It might even be a genetic thing as Dad was a keen photographer too - I remember Mum telling stories of holding him by the ankles whilst he hung over the edge of some precipice in Derbyshire so that he could “get the shot”. Whilst I haven’t gone to quite those lengths, I have been know to be up at crazy hours of the morning to drive to locations for that sunrise - even on holiday!

Professionally, I came to photography late in life, having spent almost 25 years from school in Banking & during these years I had the chance for the widest variety of roles. After banking, I spent 14 years in the Independent Education sector, as a Bursar, Clerk to the Governors & Company Secretary of a leading day school.

Throughout all this time, our children arrived; grew up & left home to start their own lives but we have our memories in the myriad of photos taken through our life journey. These are a mix of professionally taken, family snaps, Informal, Formal, School Photos, Graduation, holidays, trips etc - the sort of tapestry that makes up that record of family life. One particular favourite of mine is a 4 generation shot with Dad & our first Grandson, taken a week after he was born.

As I came towards the end of my time in education & began considering what I wanted do next, my eyes settled on our “Rogues Gallery” of family photos & I realised how wonderful it would be if I could help others to capture for posterity those fleeting moments in time. What a great opportunity to combine a lifelong hobby with a job - no, it’s much more than a job. Once again work was something I did rather than somewhere I went!

My studio saw all manner of family life, from newborn babies, families, young couples, Brides & Grooms to those multi-generational shots & it gave me such a sense of satisfaction & privilege to have captured those moments for clients, knowing that my work would sit on their walls for years to come and reminding them of a brief moment in time in their family history. Those shots will become part of their family history, alongside snaps they’ve taken themselves……. just as in our “Rogues Gallery”.

After 5 successful years running my studio, I decided the time was right to retire, having "ticked all the boxes" that I set out for my self when opening the studio, so my photography has now returned to our family, trips & the environment!

Shortly before I retired someone asked me how many shoots I'd done. After a quick bit of mental maths, I reckoned that I'd done something like 2,000 baby shoots, over 1,000 family sessions & a fairy few pet ones, not to mention the odd wedding or two!