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More new ground conquered!

More new ground conquered!

At the end of my last blog, I mentioned that the next step for my new website was to get the "padlock" symbol, denoting a secure site.

Found the time yesterday to "dig in". Much YouTube viewing later & stepping through yet more new territory, as you may have seen, my site now displays the green padlock denoting a secure site.

As I reflected last time, arguably, one could say that for what I want to use my site for, it wasn't necessary but no doubt it will become the norm fairly soon as we continue to chase ultimate safety & security in the ether.

There are a whole host of companies out there who will sell you an "SSL" Certificate to attach to your website & thereby enabling it to display the green padlock in the browser search window but courtesy of the developers of the web software that I use to create this site, I came across "Cloudflare, from whom it's possible to get a certificate for your site without charge ( at least for the top of suite that I need). With the benefit of clear, step by step instructions, again on Realmac's YouTube channel, all went smoothly ( although I did get a little side-tracked into other areas that I uncovered but more of that in another article perhaps!)

Welcome to my new site!

Welcome to my new look website!

Those who have followed me for some time will know that I've had a site for some years. Latterly, I've been aware that the old version had become cumbersome & sorting it out looked like it might be a fairly lengthy job so I'd been deferring until after my retirement in June.

My original site was an " off the shelf" templated site built by a company specialising in photography websites which offered many facilities that I've never used & going forward thought I'd be even less likely to use despite paying for them since the sites were very much targeted at working photographers & particularly those needing online sales. Have to say that the system for that was very slick, linking to a number of high quality labs to fulfil the production of a wide variety of products. Nevertheless, this was unlikely to be something that I'd need & added to this, adapting the structure & content of the then current site looked like being a mammoth job.

Around this time, MacFormat magazine had an offer for a copy of "RapidWeaver" - web design software built specifically for the Mac OS environment. What a great retirement project that would be I thought, so duly downloaded & made a "note to self" to get on with it once I'd retired!

Spring forward a couple of months into retirement & decided that I should make a start. We were due to be away from mid September for a couple of weeks so targeted myself to have it complete & live by then; in part since the annual renewal of my then current site was due at the end of September!

Many "how to" YouTube videos later, had a reasonable but fairly basic grasp of how to build a site ( isn't it great that you can now find almost anything on the "how to " subject on YouTube - so much clearer!) so set off. The basic structure was relatively quick to build but then had to set about finding ( and prepping) the images that I wanted to showcase. Having done so over a few weeks, I had body of work ready to publish.

Now, I needed a hosting service, and finding one was a whole new voyage of discovery peppered with new technology, terminology & things to consider. Despite this, thoroughly enjoyed negotiating yet another new pathway.

By now, we're a few days away from heading off on holiday; my site has around 2,000 files to upload & can I get the upload working? Eventually cracked the problem & found a combination of settings that worked. I thing the last page was uploaded around 10.30 p.m. on the night before we went away!

Overall, another interesting journey packed with learning new skills, technology & terminology which has, to some extent, de-mistified website publishing. There are still things to do, for example, currently Google displays the "Not Secure" message on my page as I haven't yet installed the SSL required to give the padlock in the web browser header which we all expect to see now. Arguably, given that my site really is about sharing the experiences of our travels I could argue that it isn't really needed but there'll no doubt come a time when search engine will only return "secure" sites in
their results so lets crack on & get it done. YouTube, here I come again!