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More new ground conquered!

More new ground conquered!

At the end of my last blog, I mentioned that the next step for my new website was to get the "padlock" symbol, denoting a secure site.

Found the time yesterday to "dig in". Much YouTube viewing later & stepping through yet more new territory, as you may have seen, my site now displays the green padlock denoting a secure site.

As I reflected last time, arguably, one could say that for what I want to use my site for, it wasn't necessary but no doubt it will become the norm fairly soon as we continue to chase ultimate safety & security in the ether.

There are a whole host of companies out there who will sell you an "SSL" Certificate to attach to your website & thereby enabling it to display the green padlock in the browser search window but courtesy of the developers of the web software that I use to create this site, I came across "Cloudflare, from whom it's possible to get a certificate for your site without charge ( at least for the top of suite that I need). With the benefit of clear, step by step instructions, again on Realmac's YouTube channel, all went smoothly ( although I did get a little side-tracked into other areas that I uncovered but more of that in another article perhaps!)